About Us What We Do Is Clear

It’s an unpredictable real estate environment out there. Buyers and sellers don’t know what to expect, from the price, to the timing, to the properties themselves. We are here to bring certainty to the process that has been without it for far too long.


Our auction platform ensures that buyers, sellers and Realtors® are without confusion when it comes to the price to pay for a property. With completely open bidding, identities are protected, but prices aren’t. While there is no suggested retail for real estate, truly transparent bidding allows all participants to know that the market has dictated the value of a home, rather than luck or guesswork.


This isn’t a new concept; real estate auctions have seen increasing and sustained appeal globally from the United States to Australia. We believe that people have the right to choose an open approach to real estate buying and selling. Canadians have experienced tremendous frustration with ‘blind bidding wars’, and the auction approach allows everyone the opportunity to keep all the buyers at the table to comfortably put their best offer forward.


No more do would-be buyers have to wait on a driveway for hours, sellers don’t have to worry about the reach their listings receive, and Realtors® don’t have to feel like they are getting shut out of the process. The inherent benefit of transparency is that everyone is on an even playing field, and that field stretches around the world. With global online reach, the marketing and traditional reach of the real estate listing is enhanced. Bidding is as easy as a couple of clicks, and nobody gets left out of the process until they decide they’ve reached their limit. It’s a win-win-win.

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