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The search for a new home has been (and can be) an exciting and fun process. Unfortunately for many people this search has become an exercise in endurance. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Our auction listings make the buying process as clear and open as it has ever been. Consider the benefits to buyers at On The Block Auctions.

Transparent Process

In today’s ‘bidding wars’, the largest frustration isn’t the competition, it is the lack of transparency. Even when buyers really want a home, it is unclear what price will purchase it, or even be considered. Often buyers walk away from these situations because of the lack of information, and other times the buyers overpay without knowing they could have purchased the home for less.

On The Block Auctions has changed all of that. The current high bid is available for all registered users to see. Often, ‘the opportunity to ‘buy it now’ is an added option that allows bidders to purchase the property immediately for a set price.

More Control

In conventional bidding wars, you are at the mercy of silent offers and there is no way of knowing if your offer is too little, or too much. When you bid on an On The Block Auction, you get to control how high you bid, and you know what you need to bid to purchase the property.

You can even set your maximum price and know you’ll automatically bid only as much as you need without having to watch every minute of the auction. It’s all secure and confidential. There is finally a way to buy the place you want, without wondering what it takes.

You Can Bid From Anywhere

Living outside the city? Vacationing when the auction is closing? Relax, you still won’t miss out.

On The Block Auctions don’t require you to be sitting at the property, or in a real estate office. Bid online from anywhere, with any device.

Innovative Technology

Cutting Edge Auction Platform
By developing the first of its kind online real estate auction platform, we have given buyers the opportunity to buy real estate like never before. Our focus is on ease of use, user protection and a comfortable purchasing process.

We don’t just take the guesswork out of the bidding process, we also take the risk of overpaying away. You will never bid more than you need to – even if your maximum is higher. The auction platform also notifies you if your maximum bid has been outbid, in case you do want to revise your bid any higher,

Once a deal is done, the paperwork can be executed from wherever you are thanks to our e- signature capabilities. As long as you can access your email, you can sign all the documentation instantly.

We are backed by some of the most trusted and reliable names in identity verification, hosting, and security so you can rest assured you are dealing with a safe and easy auction environment.

Learn more about the auction process with our Demo and Frequently Asked Questions.

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